Harlequin Floors

Harlequin Floors

The world dances on Harlequin floors ©

Recognised as world leaders in advanced technology flooring for dance and the performing arts, Harlequin Floors is established worldwide with operations in Europe (London, Luxembourg, Berlin, Paris and Madrid), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong and Australia) and the Americas (Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Forth Worth).

Harlequin Floors provide the best dance and performance floors in the industry and have a wide range of clients who use us time after time.

Harlequin dance and performance floors are versatile and durable because they're designed in close collaboration with the artistic, technical and medical world. Harlequin sprung floors offer assurance for better protection from injuries for dancers, providing them with a feeling of optimum safety.

Harlequin Floors

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Harlequin Floors

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