Phixion Creation

Phixion Creation

Phixion Creation is active in the themed decor sector.

Its activities include the design, engineering, production, hire and sale of two and three-dimensional decors.

Phixion transforms areas and worlds into trough passion, always full of affinity and with exuberant and impressive energy. With attention to details and an exquisite craftmanship our production department makes real showpieces of the most refined designs that conjure the spectators with a smile on their face.

Yes, we create experience which are connected with the human emotions.

No, there are no standards for an idea or concept!

Scale, size, application area and location are always different

Because of the 25 years of expertise Phixion has built up a very strong reputation in this décor segment. We have developed a specific working process to make this possible. It also has all the skills it needs at hand to create its decors entirely in-house, including everything from design, engineering and production of the decors to assembly and dismantling.

It is not about the ideas

It’s about making ideas happening

The customers we serve are the festival industry, shopping malls and the corporate events.